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        Dab the 5G Era with the Perfume of Books and Fragrance of Ink — allow full rein to a better life with Hisense A7 On Dec 22nd, Hisense’s new reading flagship cellphone A7 series was officially launched. This series is the continuation of the characteristics of Hisense A series' most typical ink screen design, namely e-ink screen, a kind of screen that uses electronic ink, which is also known as e-paper displays. This is the world's first 5G cellphone equipped with an ink screen, marking the official arrival o 2021-01-26
        UNISOC and CTTL Helped Fibocom to Obtain the World's First Cat.1bis Module GCF Certification On December 21, 2020, UNISOC, China Telecommunication Technology Labs (CTTL) and Fibocom jointly announced that Fibocom L610-EU module was officially awarded the world's first 3GPP UE category 1bis module (Cat.1bis for short) GCF/CE/NCC certification, which marked that the Fibocom Cat.1bis module equipped with the UNISOC 8910DM chip has the overseas supply capacity officially. 2021-01-26
        BYD livre la plus grande flotte de bus électriques en Colombie Bogota, Colombie - Le 17 décembre, BYD annon?ait la livraison de 470 bus entièrement électriques à Bogota, la capitale Colombienne. Il s'agit de la plus grande flotte d'autobus entièrement électriques du pays, et également de la plus grande flotte d'autobus que BYD ait livrée en Amérique, ce qui permettra de promouvoir efficacement les systèmes de transport public électrique déjà en pleine croissa 2021-01-26
        Shenpu Technology (KIEYYUEL) a fait une apparition remarquée à l'exposition internationale sur la prévention des épidémies Les 19 et 20 octobre 2020, le forum et l'exposition internationaux sur la prévention des épidémies et le développement de l'industrie de la santé de la Chine (Dongguan) se sont tenus au Centre d'exposition international moderne de Dongguan Guangdong. Cet évènement était parrainé par le gouvernement populaire municipal de Dongguan et guidé par la Chambre de commerce chinoise des importateurs et exp 2021-01-26
        美摄科技出席2020世界互联网大会·互联网之光博览会 11月22日,2020年世界互联网大会“互联网之光”博览会在浙江乌镇拉开帷幕,这个拥有千年历史的古镇再次吸引全世界的目光。今年的世界互联网大会以“数字赋能 共创未来”为主题,多维、立体展示推动互联网发展治理的中国方案、中国智慧和中国担当,云集华为、腾讯、百度、爱普生、美摄科技等130家知名企业机构参会,着力展示人工智能、云计算、大数据、区块链、5G等领域的数字新技术、新产品、新应用、新成果,努力打造数字经济产业合作交流的重要平台。 2021-01-26
        BYD Wins the Largest Pure-Electric Bus Order outside of China Bogotá, Colombia - BYD is proud to announce that it has exclusively won cumulative orders to supply 1,002-unit pure-electric buses to the capital of Colombia, Bogotá. This tender was open to all bus technologies, yet BYD won the trust and cooperation of its partners in the fiercely competitive bidding process thanks to its cutting-edge technologies, products and services. This is the largest order 2021-01-15
        The world’s first 4G camera-under-screen cellphone represents the coming era of the real full-screen cellphone The under-screen camera and the extremely narrow border can provide its users with bigger game graphics, and the length-to-width ratio is close to that of the movie screen-all bringing shocking visual effects. 2021-01-15
        BYD vende 1.002 ?nibus elétricos para a Col?mbia Bogotá, Col?mbia - A BYD tem o orgulho de anunciar que recebeu pedidos cumulativos para fornecer 1.002 ?nibus 100% elétricos para a capital da Col?mbia, Bogotá. Este é o maior pedido de ?nibus 100% elétricos fora da China até hoje. 2021-01-15
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        BYD entrega la flota de buses eléctricos más grande de Colombia Bogotá, Colombia.- Este 17 de diciembre, BYD anunció la entrega de 470 buses eléctricos puros a Bogotá, la capital de Colombia. Esta es la flota de buses 100% eléctricos más grande del país y también la mayor entrega realizada por BYD en las Américas, la cual promoverá de manera efectiva los sistemas de transporte público electrificado que ya están creciendo rápidamente en América Latina y todo el 2020-12-23
        Showing 1-10 of about 2412 articles.
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